Best Caving Harness (2021 Buyers Guide)

Choosing a harness in a bunch of other products present in the market is quite a painstaking task. You need to know about specifications, safety measures, and prices before you reach a rational decision. But don’t worry fellas here I will provide you all the required details and help you make an informed decision. I will not just suggest you buy something. I can tell you some good and bad features of the harnesses available in the market at different prices.

To help you navigate the right direction, let’s start with a little spoiler. A climbing harness isn’t that good for caving. For caving experience, you need to look for some extra features and safety measures.

Here is the detailed list of best harnesses on we’ve found, along with their pros, cons, and other relevant information.



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If you are looking for versatile, adjustable, and comfortable harness, then PETZL – CORAX should be your choice. But WHY? CORAX has two adjustment straps on the waist (one on each side) compared to other harnesses with only one. That makes a big difference because it allows you to keep the middle of the front and backside of the harness lined up with the middle of your body. It keeps the harness in the center while equipment loops in the optimal position.

The CORAX is fully equipped, with carrying all the necessary equipment without interfering with a backpack. Any harness you choose make sure it has CE or UIAA 105 certification. The harness is safe to use as it qualifies the certifications CE EN 12277 type C, UIAA.


  • The harness is comfortable, adjustable with its two adjustable straps on the waist.
  • As compared to other best quality harness, CORAX is cheap and is worth your bucks.
  • Another satisfying feature is that it has a safety approval certificate.


  • CORAX lags when it comes to the tight grip buckles. The buckles can release. For example, if you are catching stuff on your buckles, they can come loose. CORAX has elastic bands to help prevent loosening. So if you are climbing, then you must tighten them up firmly.

PETZL Fractio Caving Harness

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PETZL Fractio is a good bang for the bucks you pay. It is durable and will last for a much longer time than any other harness. The Dyneema equipment loops are covered with high strength polyester webbing. It makes them abrasion-resistant, and you will not experience any wear and tear.

PETZL Fractio is adjustable, not only from the waist but also from the legs. It means that any person can wear them, whether you are fat or skinny, it will fit the best. The double waist belt and the leg buckle positioning helps to limit the risk of snagging in narrow passages. It will make your spelunking adventures worry-free.


  • The PETZL Fractio is adjustable and durable, and the straps are abrasion-resistant.
  • It is much lighter in weight, only about 485 grams.
  • The adjustable leg loops allow you to adjust according to your leg size.
  • The Aluminum attachment points facilitate the installation of the ventral connector and extend harness life.


  • If you want to hang in your harness for any lengthy task, then it is not very comfortable as it lacks the butt strap.

Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness

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Weanas is a CE Certified, half body climbing harness with high load-bearing. With high-quality metal buckles and reinforced stitching, it is sturdy, comfortable, and easy to adjust.

Weanas is lightweight, contain gear loops, and waist padding(with Thicken Black version). The leg loops are adjustable, and weight distribution is optimal. This feature prevents the leg loops from digging into your thighs. Overall, the Weanas is decent as it qualifies the required safety certifications.


  • The Thicken Black version contains pads and two gear loops that are not present in other harnesses.
  • The product is safe for climbing as it earns safety CE certification.
  • The attachment point is lower and is ideal for spelunking activities.
  • It is number 1 in Amazon Best Sellers Rank in the category of Climbing harnesses.


  • The stitching might tear away, and buckles can go loose, so it is better to check before you undertake a caving adventure.

X XBEN Climbing Harness

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X XBEN provides you with a range of Climbing Harnesses that vary in their features. A prominent feature is padding. The more padding you add, the more expensive the harness will be.

X XBEN is made of high polyester that makes it sturdy and high load-bearing. The connections are sturdy with buckles tight and firm, thus making it safe at all times. Another feature is that XBEN is lightweight, and you will hardly feel wearing them on. The weight distribution is optimal. With pads on loops and waist, the X XBEN is quite comfortable while climbing and caving.


  • X XBEN is available with pads depending upon the price levels.
  • In the case of X XBEN, the attachment point is not too high, making it favorable for the caving experience.
  • The waist and leg loops are WIDER and adjustable, which keeps one comfortable while climbing.
  • The Harness is CE Certified.


  • Some users report that the pressure points sometimes dislocate. You may feel pressure on your ribs and upper back if you are climbing up. The good thing is that you can readjust it accordingly.

What We Looked At

Comfort & Fit

This list contains the best harnesses in terms of comfort and fitness. They are superior when it comes to optimal weight distribution. Almost all of them are less than half a pound and are very versatile to use. The leg loops are adjustable, and so is the waist loop. All of them have their attachment points low, which makes them perfect for cave climbing.

Price & Value

These caving harnesses are durable, and so are worth your bucks. The harnesses with pads are expensive as compared to those without pads. Prices increase as you increase pads on the loops and waist. So, you can buy them cheap without pads and with the same safety standards.

Durability & Material

The high strength polyester webbing, high-steel buckles, and double lined stitching make them a lot more durable and resolute. The material quality is not compromised, which makes it safe for climbing and caving. Typical caving harness has a life of about ten years until it wears out. So once you buy it, you will forget the need to buy another one.

Chest Harness Options

The chest harness option is not present in these harnesses. For a chest harness, you should check out the PETZL Voltige Climbing Harness.

Safety Standards

All of the above harnesses are CE Certified. The safety standards used for caving harness, in particular, are the CE, EN 12277, and UIAA 105 standards. If any of these standards are met, then the harness is considered safe for climbing.

That said, you should never try caving alone, and you should not attempt to learn caving without the supervision and help of an experienced caver.